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Diseases Infection Symptoms & Causes: Parasites, Candida Fungus; Monsters Inside of Me, Itching Skin

Diseases & infection symptoms & causes from world traveler & former fitness trainer. Truth about parasites, candida, fungus, infections, itching skin, itchy rash, bed bugs, scratching & torment. Monsters inside of me. Parasites & candida killing you!

Parasites, Candida, Fungus Infection: Monsters Inside of Me, Itching, Itchy Rash, Bed Bugs

Wow! That's a ferocious mouthful sure to turn your stomach at the thought of it!

The truth is if you have a pet in your house, you have 240 times as many parasites in your home and likely your body than a person who does not. Moreover if you have long fingernails, you collect 24 times as many parasites - many of which can live for up to 2 months underneath your fingernails.

As a former personal fitness trainer and nutritional consultant, I know firsthand how often people fail to get results physically because of lack of ability to "exercise" discretion with the fork. Most Americans lift more forks than they do weights.

Ironically and frighteningly, I discovered (what few medical doctors admit or tell you - because they profit from repeat visits, medical testing, and pharmaceutical drugs) and that is parasites, candida, fugus infection and monsters inside eating at us.

As a worldwide minister and professional speaker I have been to over 50 countries, more than 50 islands, and 6 continents where I have seen a lot of suffering people, messed up individuals, and grotesque illnesses. For example throughout India and Africa I saw extreme cases of elephantitis, where people's legs were swollen up like an elephant and had putrid bumps on them. Others had these bumps on their arms, back and neck. Some precious people in Africa had their eyes swollen shut due to infections.

This is what happens if gone untreated. Here in the United States where we have an ongoing battle with obesity and cancer, doctors often put patients through chemotherapy. When a retired military man on my street got cancer, I kindly drove him to the doctor to receive chemo a couple of times.

Yet my heart burned to provide a better cure from within, knowing that harmful radiation weakens the immune system killing off good bacteria (found in acidophilus within yogurt) we need to fight off disease.

Since getting married, my beautiful wife Karla graciously moved from Canada to be with me here in Florida. She had no idea how many bugs and insects were here, neither how hot it gets in the summer. I still remember the first time she freaked out upon seeing a cockroach. Well, when I sat down to watch Animal Planet one night and saw the commercial for Monsters Inside of Me, I immediately knew I wanted to watch the show.

Karla however freaked at the site of the commercials alone and ran out of the room. She had been suffering for nearly 3 years (since she moved from Canada) from itching and what she thought was bed bugs. Well after watching two shows on Animal Planet - "I was Bitten" and "Monsters Inside of Me" I stayed up until 5:00am I was so riveted and reminded of my prior knowledge.

I immediately began to discover what Karla and I (as I will tell later) had wasn't something external, but rather internal. She had thought she was going crazy for a while, always itching at night when she went to bed and having difficulty sleeping. Insomnia however is a part of the reaction in the human nervous system to parasites, candida and fungus infections within the body.

As for myself, I taught high school for a year and increasingly struggled with dry and cracked lips, particularly around the edges of my mouth. Of course this is a bit odd if you think about it seeing how I live in Florida, where there is 100% humidity. I consulted my dermatologist (a nice but sometimes not so knowledgeable man) and he gave me nothing for it. I consulted my health food store and began taking flax seed oil twice a day thinking that would solve the problem - it helped a little but never alleviated the deep cracks in the sides of my mouth. Then a couple months later my dentist gave me a topical antibiotic for the cracks in my mouth saying he thought it was a fungus infection, something his daughter recently had. It worked and revealed a deeper problem!

With all of the sugar we eat and meat (often carrying worms), including cheese, parasites are quite common. Over 85% of the world has some parasites in them (most unknown). The guy on Monsters Inside of Me who nearly died of a brain tumor found when they put the brain tumor under the microscope it had worms in it. This guy had gone to Vietnam in the war years ago and was a Veteran from the U.S. Military. He had malaria in Vietnam. So many doctors didn't know what he had, but eventually they saw the yellow puss oozing out of him and one smart doc realized it was a parasite. Yet after 20 years of damage in his lymphatics, the damage was irreversable.

I tell you the next morning I was taking another round of parasite and candida killers to detox my body, something I do regularly throughout the year. Many illnesses across the world are related to neglect and intruders, monsters, parasites, candida, fungus infections within, and stories just like these.

Don't die from within! Do something about it now and be safe. Be healthy and experience peak performance. Get rid of constipation and renew your energy levels. Detox and feel great! When I started my cleanse, my libido shot up! Don't let parasites hold you down.
Care for your body as much as you do your car. Here below are products I endorse and recommend.

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This candida killer offers several advantages:

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You may experience a Herxheimer (‘die-off’) reaction as the dying Candida albicans cells release toxins. To help reduce the discomfort of the ‘die-off’ reaction, drink plenty of water or teas without sugar, take buffered Vitamin C and consume 30-40 grams of well hydrated dietary fiber a day. This protective intervention will minimize the unpleasantness of the ‘Herxheimer Reaction’ by deactivating, absorbing and ridding the body of the toxins from lysed or dead Candida cells. provides a synergistic combination of botanicals and probiotics, which gently detoxify the colon. The ingredients in this cleanse have been shown to protect the intestinal tract against pathogenic organisms such as food-borne bacteria, protozoa and nematode parasites, candida albicans as well as the poor dietary habits that destroy colon health. This formula can help support individuals with constipation, bloated stomachs, parasitical infections, candidiasis, and giardiasis. This cleanse also expels putrefied fecal matter from the digestive system, helping to maximize overall colon health.

For kids and avoiding lice at school, this is a great product. Send the link to your school principal (or principal's secretary if she or he is too busy).

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