Monday, March 26, 2012

Social Media, Facebook Failures - Non-Inclusive and Globally Discriminatory Against Timor Leste

Social media should be globally inclusive and non-discriminatory. Please sign this petition urging Facebook to recognize Timor Leste as a country the United Nations has for the past 10 years now.
Facebook failures  - the non-inclusive manner by which they globally discriminate the nation Timor Leste which the United Nations has recognized for 10 years.
Facebook should recognize Timor Leste - a Country in the United Nations and international community worthy of equal rights and privileges.

After enduring 25 years of genocide, 250,000 deaths and ongoing oppression East Timor (Timor Timor) ...a little island just north of Darwin, Australia broke away from Indonesia to become a newly recognized nation by the United Nations.

As of the writing of this petition in 2012, Timor Leste has been a country 10 years now, but Facebook has failed to recognize Timor Leste in its countries menu for geographical locations.

Please kindly sign this petition urging Facebook to recognize and add Timor Leste as a country on their website.

Social Media should be globally inclusive and not discriminatory.

Otherwise if Facebook cannot be globally inclusive of all nations in the world, it should not promote itself as a "global" network, neither should the peoples of the world use it as such.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Gallbladder Stones Removed Naturally and Painlessly Pictured - WARNING may be gross to behold

Gallbladder stones form from environmental contaminants (including vaccines, antibiotics, chlorine & fluoride in water along with metals, stress and undigested food particles, especially animal protein) in the body that don't always get digested or passed through the intestines properly.

Many of us, myself included, don't chew 30 to 50 times before swallowing and thus food & nutrients we eat are not always properly and fully digested, absorbed, assimilated and eliminated from the body. Thus our bodies can become constipated and like a polluted sewer begin to smell, resulting in food particles permeating the intestinal lining, entering the bloodstream and fouling up the body, vital organs ....and then bacteria seek to feed on them (the bacteria also releasing their toxins in a state of putrefaction).

Not to worry! Strengthen the immune system, cleanse the body, eat properly, get sunshine and oxygen through outdoor exercise and much will rapidly improve.
Netflix has a few documentaries (I think it costs $6 a month to watch unlimited films)....check out:
- Forks Over Knives
- China Study
- Food Matters
- Gerson Therapy
- King Corn


Removing gallbladder stones naturally is something I learned about through the above mentioned book and have seen success with also through coffee enemas (both which open the body's ducts to eliminate toxins). I know it sounds extremely gross, but even more heinous and gross is having undigested food particles floating around in your body causing havoc for day, months and years. Thus many people have allergies, skin outbreaks, acne and a multiplicity of health problems.

Flush your body fully and thoroughly and much of this will go away as your body is empowered and equipped to heal itself apart from medical drugs, interventions, surgery and you spending a lot of money (and seeing ongoing physical complications with little results). This puts the power back in your hands as you care for your body.

Apple juice (I prefer blending two to three organic apples a day in the blender with one organic lemon) as apple juice helps loosen and improve bile flow to remove waste and toxins from the lymph and blood. 

Hippocrates the father of medicine said, "Food should be your medicine and medicine your food." Of course the medical industry knows that is not profitable and opts for more expensive interventions preying on people.

Supplements: - Phosfood helps break up bile, which causes obstructions sometimes in our body.

Yet bile helps remove undigested food particles, waste and proteins that can lodge themselves in lymph and blood (the body's attempt to protect vital organs like the heart) from septic poisoning (toxins from poor diet and environmental hazards which we come in contact with).

Our water often has fluoride, chlorine and metals that are not good.

Bile is alkaline and removes acidity from the body (which often comes from animal protein and dairy) burdening vita organs.

So alkaline water is very beneficial in the cleansing process. I just bought the Chanson miracle water filtration system with the nano for my home: best investment I ever made....since you need water to flush a toilet and our immune system is 60% in our intestines.

Most importantly cultivate love, joy and peace as these stimulate your enzymes (good) to break down food and energize your body.

Dr. Hiromi Shinya, who created colonoscopy says we should chew our food 30 to 50 times, helping digestion. A Japanese study shows chewing well also relieves stress.

Eating raw food (fruit & veg) increases seratonin levels in the body as well.

Best foods to eat for enzymes (Dr. Shinya says):
- pineapple, papaya, figs, prunes

Try to eat raw (I just ate a pineapple from Panhandle bought at your grocery store).

Hope this helps.

Gallbladder stones and liver stones pictured after I have passed them (keep in mind I have been to 64 countries and lived in other continents where hygiene, sanitation and water quality is poor) ....gross to behold, but notice the color (brown, pea green, neon green and white) .....happy to have these out of my body.

And when I do the cleanses, I feel my body opening up (like when you rise to higher altitudes in a plane above ground) as pressure is released and I can thereafter breathe better.


( - life coach for breakthrough and personal empowerment for optimal health, peak performance and dream fulfillment

Paul is a former fitness trainer and lifeguard, nutritional consultant (not a medical doctor, nor nutritionist) but when he takes his shirt off looks better than most of these "qualified" professionals.