Monday, May 7, 2012

Personality Development Trainer for Confidence

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Soft Skills Trainer – Cross Cultural Communication

Soft skills trainer ( for cross cultural communication to cultivate emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and persuasion skills. Life-changing soft-skill trainer!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Soft Skills Trainer - Conflict Resolution Training

Soft skills trainer for conflict resolution training to cultivate emotional intelligence, cross-cultural understanding and persuasion skills. life-changing soft-skill trainer (

Soft Skills Trainer - Emotional Intelligence Training

Soft skills trainer for emotional intelligence training with a cross-culturl understanding imparting the art of persuasion and conflict resolution skills. life-changing soft-skill trainer (

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Liver Transplant Needed, or A Liver Cleanse to Pass Liver Stones Now?

Is a liver transplant needed or a liver cleanse to pass liver stones obstructing blood and oxygen flow throughout your body?

Check out the pictures from my 5th liver cleanse in which I passed 70 liver and gallbladder stones.

As you can see below after my 5th liver cleanse, the liver stones are often green, the color of bile (I'm told) ...caused by stress, environmental toxins and probably poor diet (or processed foods we eat). Other colored stones (tan, white, red, orange) are said to be more toxic ...possibly chemicals from water and the environment we come in contact with (also via skin absorption, cosmetics, chemical food additives, God only knows...).

Thankfully passing liver stones isn't painful, just a process of steps and preparation over a week to get your body ready. I also added a few more powerful steps during my 5th cleanse which enabled me to pass much larger liver stones than before during previous liver cleanse regimens done. I myself wasn't expecting these larger stones to come out during the 5th liver cleanse, but was excited and encouraged when they did.

Not just liver stones, but kidney stones (kind of sand like jagged pieces) also comes out in the stool during the process, liberating your kidneys too which is a beautiful thing. Toward the end of the liver cleanse, a slight bit of burning in the anus may occur as the most toxic bodily liquids and leftovers are excreted. One guy jokingly called it agent orange when describing how it felt. LOL But these are the most toxic fluids (undigested fecal matter, etc) in the burning sensation, signalling to your body what is toxic and needs to go. The more liver cleanses you do, the less burning at the very end (which is very minimal).

So before you pursue a liver transplant, try a liver cleanse to remove liver stones - as some have been said to have hundreds and thousands. I've already passed hundreds (and that is a modest estimation, as I'm probably beyond a thousand when I count all the smaller stones). Plus beyond 5 liver cleanses, I pass stones every week (often every day) when I do coffee detoxes via enemas (organic coffee, which opens your ducts and stimulates the liver to release stones and toxins). - former fitness trainer, health and life coach, worldwide motivational speaker who has touched 68 countries empowering people of all ages to transcend their limitations, achieve optimal health and live their dreams!