Wednesday, July 2, 2008

American Fascism and Nationalism Gone Awry

As we celebrate the 4th of July, I a man who worked at Ground Zero the first week of 9/11 and was intimately acquainted with our national grief, ask you a question.

Is it possible for Benjamin Franklin the drafter of the Declaration of Independence to be patriotic while writing an essay titled "Rules by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One"?
Was Benjamin Franklin against the very America he helped construct? I say on the contrary. Yet he was honest enough as a citizen of the world, as a man esteemed in France and Great Britain, to address the flaws and dangers which he saw in his own country.

Am I less of a citizen for doing likewise? Should my words and writings be censored and the U.S. Constitution violated so your patriotism is not questioned? What would Benjamin Franklin say?

Paul F Davis - author of United States of Arrogance and Poems That Propel The Planet

American foolhardy fascism
Causing international schism
Global wars and demonization
Unprecedented hostile division
Political arrogance and polarization
Is this democracy truly freedom?
Or merely hypocrisy and domination
By aristocracy in government serving self
Profiting greedily and hurting everyone else
A lame duck in the White House floating
Our currency, bankrupting our country
Destroying our international credibility
With his executive new world disorder
The son worse than the oil rich father
Covertly operating and kissing Saudis
Bowing to oil rich, terrorist supporting royalty
Yet at home rhetorically saying support the troops
While his dealings and policy do something else
Nationalism done in the name of morality is not godly
Neither is it in the best interest of national security
As we irritate, anger, and create new terrorists daily
Why can't we open our eyes, be honest, and see
That our foreign policy is presumptuous and proud
Full of deceit, phony intel, WMD, and lies to cloud
The good American people's judgment to resolve
Hopefully Obama can get elected and problems solve
Before the USA does soon disintegrate and dissolve
In an abyss of ignorance, arrogance, and global defiance
America must realize around it the world does not revolve.
God break us free from our own propaganda and presumption
Our tendency has been global alienation and alleviation of truth
As our leaders lie, deny, detour us, and call opposition uncouth
Yet the reality is it is those who vainly lead the show that must go!
They have called immorality American, to which the people say no!
Invading nations, occupying lands, and killing innocents is not democracy
Neither are leaders who don't take responsibility and deceive with duplicity.
God expose the lies and restore to this crumbling nation truth and liberty.

Paul F Davis - author of Poems That Propel The Planet: Love, Liberation & Reconciliation

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