Sunday, August 22, 2010

When God Gives You the Desires of Your Heart

Purify your heart and rejoice with others when they are blessed. As you do God will undertake to give you the desires of your heart.

God gives ....He is a giver and loves people.

Last night I enjoyed a fabulous dinner at a Brazilian restaurant during a friend's birthday celebration. Afterward we all went to a cupcake place for dessert.

Not particularly interested in dessert, since I was satisfied after dinner (and had a good workout at the gym that day), I simply sat down and watched everybody sort through what cupcake they wanted to to purchase for themselves.

Nothing looked overly delicious or appealing to my eyes, except a chocolate raspberry cake, which was amazingly moist and not dried out (which I later learned some of the cupcakes were).

Nevertheless I didn't get a dessert and just contently enjoyed the company of my wife and friends, while they indulged. Then just before closing time to my surprise the store manager brought out several pieces of the chocolate raspberry cake I had previously noticed in the distance.

She graciously and generously gave us all several slices for free. It was delicious and very enjoyable (moreso for me because I wasn't on my second dessert after dinner as most). Therefore most of my friends just had a bite of the cake and never bothered to finish it. Hence I finished mine and politely grabbed a box (with the permission of the manager) to ensure all the delicious cake was not discarded.

My wife feeling a bit shy and bashful in the presence of friends tried to discourage me from bringing the cake home, saying she'd not be eating anymore. I laughingly said, "Yes, not today, but tomorrow..." Many laughed and enjoyed my comical references to my blond boss.

When I arrived home I put the lovely chocolate cake in a tupperware container so as to avoid ruining it in the frig. The next day after some fruit for breakfast, I had a piece of the coveted chocolate raspberry cake (which yes, my wife happily jumped right into - unlike she said publicly :o).

And I rejoiced in God who gave me the desires of my heart, without me ever having to open my mouth or spend a cent. Moreoever God blessed me with more than enough and even filled my friends, so I didn't have to feel guilty leaving with the blessing.

My wife agreed the cake was far better than the cupcakes!

This experience continually will remind me that our God is a loving heavenly Father that enjoys blessing His children when we simply live happily no matter what our circumstances. As we rejoice with others in their blessing, God always intervenes and orchestrates amazingly to ensure we get a blessing to rejoice in ourselves.

Therefore I encourage you to cherish the desires of your heart and love God because He cares about you!

Paul F Davis - author of God vs. Religion and Breakthrough For a Broken Heart

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