Monday, April 4, 2011

Xulon Press, Devil in the Details - Royalty Checks

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I recently received a royalty check from Xulon Press. Yet instead of rejoicing over the amount paid and rightfully earned from my intellectually property (4 books I wrote which Xulon Press sells), I had to cringe when I saw that no details regarding the book sales were given.

I've published with other publishers, more ethical than Xulon Press. These don't just send a royalty check, but also provide details regarding what books were sold, when they were sold, who bought them, the price of purchase, and the percentage I received as the author from the purchases.

Expect far less from Xulon Press, wherein the devil in the details hides behind vital information being withheld and quite possibly a bit of poor administration and defrauding of their hard working authors who sustain their "Christian" business in the name of "Christian publishing."

Indeed a class action lawsuit shall be commenced in the future by we the authors who published our books with Xulon Press, were lied to, defrauded by false advertising, and have yet to be fully paid monetarily for our intellectual property and opportunity costs lost as a result of Xulon Press lies.

Thankfully you can buy these books directly from my website and save us both the grief and aggravation of dealing with Xulon Press.

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