Thursday, May 15, 2008

Freelance Writer and Author

Please choose me as your freelance writer and author.

I am an international speaker who has touched over 50 countries and
a skilled writer of nearly 800 articles. Among the 14 books I have written and published thus far, 2 have been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

I am also a licensed Real Estate professional and my native born father is a builder, broker, and appraiser. I also have a friend who has been a very successful matchmaker in Central Florida for decades.

I even know the religious community rather well and am acquainted with the best places to get married across the state. I also have my own nonprofit organization registered in the State of Florida and with the IRS.

My Karla wife is also big into HGTV and interior design. Her website is Karla is also a phenomenal writer should you be interested in hiring her.

As a videographer and documentary filmmaker, I can also get you great imagery and content for viewing. Check out these videos of me speaking throughout the earth on YouTube:

Here below are some sample articles I wrote to promote my Florida wedding officiant business:

Nearly 800 articles and poems:

My blog with simple quick responses to PR leads from the media:

Press Releases:


Paul F Davis
(407) 284-1705 office
(407) 967-7553 mobile
Orlando, FL

Paul F. Davis is a world-changing leadership & diversity speaker who has touched over 50 countries & 6 continents building bridges cross-culturally and empowering people throughout the earth to live their dreams!

Paul is the author of 14 books, two nominated for a Pulitzer Prize (history and poetry respectively).

Paul has written nearly 800 articles and poems, which have been published throughout the country and world. Among the many trade publications, magazines, and periodicals where Paul's articles have appeared are: Federal Credit Union, NHFA Retailer, First for Women on the Go, Business Credit, Canadian Woman, Hitched Magazine, Lava Life, CUES, Promotional Consultant Today, Association for Conflict Resolution, Eastern Pennysylania Business Journal, The Foursquare Church, Sharing Ideas, New England Printer and Publisher, and many more.

Paul has been quoted as an expert throughout several major newspapers including the NY Times, NY Post, Christian Science Monitor, Orlando Sentinel, College Times, and many more.

Paul has appeared on numerous internationally broadcast radio shows from Oprah & Friends to Fox News Radio to talk about conflict resolution, peacemaking, foreign policy, and diplomacy. Playboy Radio host Tiffany Granath calls Paul an "awesome" relational coach and recommends his books on love, dating, and sexuality.

Academically outstanding Davis was trained in transformative mediation & conflict resolution (Hofstra Law School); strategic negotiations (Harvard Business School & U. of Washington); advanced interrogation (Reid & Associates founders of the polygraph); and NLP & Life Coaching (NLP & Coaching Institute of California).

Paul humorously and elegantly transforms individuals and organizations.

Paul's organization Dream-Maker Inc. builds dreams, transcends limitations, & reconciles nations.

Paul worked at Ground Zero in NYC during 9/11; helped rebuild a home at the tsunami epicenter; comforted victims of genocide in Rwanda; spoke to leaders in East Timor during the war; inspired students & monks in Myanmar; promoted peace & reconciliation in Pakistan; and has been so deep into the bush of rural Africa where villagers had never before seen a white man.

Paul empowers people to love passionately and live fearlessly.

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