Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Google International Public Relations Manager, Ad words, Jobs, YouTube

Today I applied online to work for Google and YouTube as their International Public Relations Manager. Here below is my cover letter and resume.

Dear Google,

Please hire this industrious, inspiring, and creative individual to work for you!

As a worldwide speaker, author of 14 books, and writer of over 800 articles and poems; I understand the power of words. I have for a long time been fascinated with Google search engine optimization and desired to work for your company.

My travels to over 50 countries, more than 50 islands, and 6 continents has given me a great love for the peoples of the world. I therefore would be willing to work for Google in any country. I must say however given the fact my father-in-law lives in San Jose, my wife would be thrilled to live in the United States if I got hired to work for your corporate headquarters.

I currently am being offered jobs to teach in schools in Korea, Japan, and across America. Homeland Security has offered me a postion as a customs and border protection officer. However I would prefer working for Google.

I feel I will be a tremendous asset to your company. My global travels, understanding of culture, and genuine love for people make me a wonderful marketer and promoter. Moreover the fact that I am a published author, creative writer, and poet enables me to use the English language in a multiplicity of ways to persuade the populace.

I have a current Florida Department of Law Enforcement security clearance on file to attest to my good character.

I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to serving Google!


Paul F Davis

(407) 284-1705

(407) 967-7553

Paul F. Davis or

407-284-1705 / office

407-967-7553 / mobile

Major Accomplishments:

International Worldwide Speaker & Author (Traveled to over 50 Countries; more than 50 Islands; and 6 Continents)

Humanitarian Work - Served in Many War-Torn, Impoverished, and Tsunami Stricken Regions

Global Diplomacy & Peacemaker (Timor Leste, Pakistan, Rwanda, Burundi, Indonesia, and more)

Author and Publisher of 14 Books and over 700 articles (many published by nationally recognized magazines, journals, periodicals, and newspapers)

Professional Experience:

English Teacher – Intermediate and Beginning Level Chinese Students – YMCA (Taipei, Taiwan, 1995-1996)

English Teacher – Intermediate and Beginning Level European Students – International Training Network (Bournemouth, England – 1997)

English Teacher - Aspect Language Institute - Intermediate and Beginning Level Asian, European, & Hispanic Students (Orlando, Florida, USA – 2000 thru 2002)

English Teacher - Walt Disney World – Beginning & Intermediate Level Chinese Learners (2007)

Substitute Teacher - Orange County Public Schools, FL (Kelly Educational Staffing, 2006 thru 2007); Taught at Beta Center for Unwed Mothers completing High-School

Professional Speaker who has been to over 50 countries, more than 50 islands, and 6 continents

Published Author of 14 Books on a Variety of Topics & Pulitzer Prize Nominated

Purpose Coach & Leadership Trainer – Training National Leaders and The Next Generation Worldwide

Personal Fitness Trainer – Facilitating Optimal Health & Achieving Peak Performance (24 Hour Fitness; Paramount Health Club)

Florida Real Estate Licensed Sales Professional & Consultant – Procuring Land and Property Investments / Development

Customer Service - Hyatt Hotel (Irvine, CA) doorman & valet attendant; Walt Disney World (restaurant)


TESOL: (Trinity College, London; International Training Network), 1997

B.S., Cum Laude, Liberal Studies (Business and Communications): University of Central Florida, GPA: 3.2, Orlando FL, 1990

Life Purpose Coaching – NLP & Coaching Institute of California, 2005

IFREC School of Real Estate (Florida Real Estate Sales Professional Course), 2008

FL Real Estate Sales & Appraising (Burt Rodgers School of Real Estate), 2001

Masters – Divinity / Theology, Spirit Life Bible College, Charter Class Graduate, Operation 500 Missions (Two Years Ministering Throughout Asia), 1994

Brooklyn Law School – Completed One Year of Law School, 1995

International & Shipping Law Summer Internship (University of Hong Kong & Santa Clara Law School), 1995

Interrogation and Interviews Advanced Training - Reid & Associates, 2001

Transformative Mediation – Interpersonal Conflict Management, Inc. (FL Supreme Court certified), 2004

Hofstra Law School (Transformative Mediation – Dr. Baruch Bush), Peacemaker Ministries, 2005

Arbitration – Arbitration without a Contract: Disputes Involving Investment and Other Treaties (Intn’l Center for Dispute Resolution), 2004

Negotiations – U. of Washington; Harvard - Strategic Negotiations and Dealmaking, 2004

Personal Fitness Training - Aerobics Fitness Association of America, 1995; 24 Hour Fitness, 1998

Professional Affiliations:

Association of Professional Campus Activities, Association of Fraternity Advisors, RCMA, Meeting Planners International, International Foursquare Church, NLP Coach Associates

Former Affiliations:

National Speakers Association, Aerobics Fitness Association of America, Association of Conflict Resolution, YMCA, National Library of Poetry (Published Poet), International Coach Federation; Institute of Management Consultants, Peacemaker Ministries, Lifeguard (YMCA), International Foursquare Church, NLP Coach Associates

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