Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Relationships, Identity, Self-Awareness and Mutual Understanding

Beautiful, classy and pure in heart is a great place to start. Many women however disregard purity, speak with profanity, operate manipulatively and complain profusely.

Some women think relationships are complicated, but in reality they aren't as complicated as they think.

A bit of self awareness, humility and determination to work for your dreams goes a long way. Men don't like women with a sugar daddy mentality. Such is only cute for so long and eventually backfires causing men to despise you.

Live simply and simply live. Don't be a consumeristic monster always lusting for more. Realize your identity is most secure and sure when you separate who you are from what you possess.

In the consumeristic society in which we live and self-centered world that continually bombards us with media telling us what we "deserve" - we do well to remember who we are and not be seduced into pursuing that which doesn't enhance us personally but just further deepens our debts financially while inwardly leaving us empty.

When you begin to break out of conformity, many won't understand you and will begin to ask questions (after all misery loves company).

Just because others don't understand you however doesn't mean you should feel obligated to explain or second guess yourself.

Make no apologies and be true to yourself.

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Ps. Don't worry ladies, I won't forget the men!

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