Friday, July 2, 2010

Bishop TD Jakes Prison Ministry in Texas, Please Hear and Help!

Dear Bishop Jakes and Potter House family,

Greetings from Florida!

I am writing to request additional information about the prison ministry transforming lives in Texas by Bishop Jakes and the Potter House.

I would like to learn your ministry methods and duplicate what you have done in Florida and New York.

My younger brother has spent time in prison due to substance abuse related crime, which has awakened my heart to the need to help inmates transition after incarceration. Moreover I have served part-time as a volunteer minister / preacher in years gone past with the Good News Jail Ministry both at 33rd Street Jail and the work release program, but I sense it is time for a new wine skin to carry the message of hope and lead inmates not only out of darkness but thereafter into divine purpose.

Perhaps we can join hands together in this endeavor to fulfill Matthew 25 by bringing a mighty visitation of God to inmates across our land, whereby they can be liberated and made a habitation of God through the Holy Spirit.

Many employers reject those with a criminal record, but it is time for God to create a new beginning for these men and women.

With your help we can do just that for the inmates across incarceration nation!

Please help me grow into God's grace like you and open prison doors in others states for inmates as you have done so successfully across Texas.


Paul F Davis

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