Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ministry Work That Pays: Ministry Jobs That Pay

Many ministers complain that they cannot earn the salaries they desire ministering.

However few ministers follow the ministerial guidelines established and commissioned by Jesus.

For ministry work that pays, ministry jobs that pay are not far away. Listen and obey the following below:

Ministry work is available daily wherever you live - Mark 3:13-15

1. Spend time with Jesus
2. Preach / Teach the Word of God
3. Heal the sick
4. Cast out devils

People get blessed and bless you back with love offerings.

If you don't excel at these avenues of ministry and have a 4 year University degree AND are a native born English speaker, you may write me about a teaching job overseas for a 1 year contract.

Write in your email in the subject box stating:

- Teacher for Overseas -

A third income option is to refer me for speaking engagements locally and globally.

Earn 20% commissions on all paid speaking engagements and life coaching Paul obtains through your referral and recommendation.

Paul F. Davis is a Global Property Specialist, Green Homes and Buildings Consultant and Debt Arbitrator for financial freedom.

Paul is the author of 18 books and a worldwide speaker who has touched 60 countries building bridges cross-culturally by joyfully disarming and empowering people throughout the earth to transcend their limitations and live their dreams!

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