Thursday, July 29, 2010

Filipino Nurses: Filipino Nurses, Best Health Care Workers in the World

Filipino nurses are arguably the best health care workers in the world.

As someone who has traveled to 60 countries and lived in several continents, I can attest to the character of the wonderful Filipino people. Filipinos culturally genuinely care about people.

I have traveled to the islands of Luzon, Mindanao and Surigao and was warmly greeted and welcomed by Filipinos in each place. The litmus test however was when I was serving at a local church one month during a brief visit. Upon being discouraged by the Pastor's inability to invite and welcome new people to church, I decided to go door to door throughout the neighborhood on foot.

I was shocked and so surprised to experience the warmth and hospitality of the Filipino community and people. Nearly every home I visited respectfully welcomed me in and treated me like royalty, providing me the utmost hospitality, often serving refreshments and earnestly listening to my every word. Such kindness would rarely happen in Western countries if an absolute stranger and foreigner showed up at the door for conversation.

Filipinos however are sweet, sincere and very kind people. This is why Filipino nurses are notably recognized and esteemed throughout the world, because they are professional and innately caring toward people.

As someone who was raised by my grandparents and cared for them in their old age, I know the intense challenges involved in health care and the amount of patience required when caring for the sick, elderly and terminally ill.

I also know what it is like to be sick and dying, as I had typhoid in Thailand and for a few days nobody knew what was wrong with me. Meanwhile my kidneys were shutting down, my urine was brown like Coca-Cola and my body ached with pain.

I was so angry when for a few weeks my grandmother was neglected in a nursing home, which she had to remain in while undergoing rehabilitation after a horrible fall that caused her to break her hip.

My Nana (grandma) had sores on her feet because she was not being rotated and given opportunity to move around and keep her circulation and blood flowing.

I believe American nursing homes are often understaffed and the workers under paid. Hence the health care is often poor and the nurses resentful toward the companies they work for.

Nevertheless tenderhearted Filipinos graciously have a way to kindly look beyond these industry challenges and focus on the suffering patients for whom they were hired to care.

For this reason I esteem, honor and admire Filipino nurses and as a world traveling motivational speaker who knows what it is like to live overseas want to offer myself to help Filipino nurses living abroad and seeking to succeed in this world, while lovingly serving humanity.

Here is what I am willing to do for Filipino nurses:
1. Provide global property and real estate investment advice and help you buy your first home.

2. Provide life and relational coaching.

3. Provide counsel regarding personal safety when living abroad.

4. Provide consultation for additional career and financial opportunities.

God bless the wonderful Filipino nurses throughout the world (often away from their families) to serve humanity and be a blessing to the suffering and elderly in need of goodhearted health care.

Paul F Davis
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Paul F. Davis is a Global Property Specialist, Green Homes and Buildings Consultant and Debt Arbitrator for financial freedom.

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