Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dealing with Difficult People Speaker - Dealing with Lazy Women, Women Issues Speaker

Unfortunately not every woman these days likes to work. Even worse, the women who work the least often complain the most.

North America and its media have mesmerized women to think they are entitled to everything under the sun just because they have some outward beauty and are physically desirable.

I say on the contrary! Outward beauty quickly fades, after which the picture - the inner character (or the lack thereof) only remains.

The Bible says, "If a man does not work, neither shall he eat." Therefore women who don't work, have no right to complain.

Women who compare their domestic situation to other couples wherein the husband is the sole breadwinner and provider are usually lazy and subtly saying, "I don't want to work. Provide for me so I can be a princess."

My cousin who is an Army Ranger and officer in the military said an older officer wisely advised him when he was young, "When you are ready to marry, choose a woman who has a good education and good job." He did so and says, "It works like a charm."

Undoubtedly finances are often the number one thing couples fight over.

I firmly believe if a woman is not about to give birth or nursing newborns, she should have a job and be working. Otherwise she can become a busybody, snob or get involved in things she should not. Idle time is the devil's playground. More importantly women need to have a purpose, something to live for and should contribute and give back through working.

Modern day women who are consumers and complainers, but not produces concern me. Not good character for children growing up to see.

My stepmother taught school for 31 years and was a good role model at home and in society. My cousins' wives all work good jobs.

We all (men and women) should be no different and need to be working. I advise all men who have wives who refuse to work to have separate bank accounts.

If a woman is unruly, rebellious and refuses to listen to you... then use some ambassadors (George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Jackson - faces on American currency).

Remove a lazy woman's name from your credit cards (even if she is your wife) and make her get a job.

God help us all to be diligent and be fruit with our lives. - women issues speaker and author

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