Saturday, January 23, 2010

Desicated Liver and Protein Powders - Can Anyone Help?

Can anyone recommend a chemical free protein powder with a fully loaded amino acid chain for muscular recovery and a desicated liver formula as well with less chemicals and harmful substances? which I thought was a great product ( until my wife told me the Uni-Liver I was taking has these harmful substances:
Glutamate acid
Aspartac acid

The lady at the health food store agreed with me, but said these come with the amino acid complex in every protien essentially and that they are unavoidable.

The book Excitotoxins however says many of these substances by themselves as food additives should be avoided.

How about by themselves in an organic Argentine liver formula? Is there a desiccated liver formula you recommend?

How about a protein powder? I was using American Whey until my wife showed me it has Ace-K (an excitotoxin shown to cause cancer in lab tests on animals, brain tumors, etc.) so I immediately stopped using.

Now my energy levels are lower and my muscles don't repair after workouts as quick, while I sort through which protein powder and desiccated liver formula to use???

Cam you or anyone help?

Paul F Davis
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