Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Emotionally Unavailable Men - Solution for Men Who Won't Open Up

Emotionally unavailable men perplex and pain women throughout the earth. Beyond the allure of dating, women deeply and desperately want men to open up and be transparent with them.

Yet men often feel obligated to maintain the illusion of masculinity, which they sadly sometimes perceive to be a non-problematic life with an all-together front.

Ironically, what women often most want is a well-put-together man who also is not afraid to show and share his emotions.

Meanwhile men continue to cover up and conceal their emotions.

What is the answer? Oil for the tinman. - worldwide women issues speaker, life coach and author of several books including:

- Breakthrough For A Broken Heart

- Empowering & Liberating Women

- Adultery 101

- Healthy Relationships

Contact Paul at info @ for life coaching to work through your personal, professional or relational challenges and live your dreams!

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