Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Substance Abuse Prevention Speaker and Drunk Driving Victim Speaker

I grew up the son of an alcoholic and drug addict, who was either in one of four places: the bar getting drunk, jail for doing something stupid, an ER for drug overdose, or a mental ward for psychological evaluation.

My younger brother from my stepmom and dad ironically also battled substance abuse for 10 years which involved imprisonment.

To this day I don't drink, neither smoke, nor do I use drugs....having grown up with such drama all my life.

Sadly my U.S. Army Lt. Colonel grandfather (paternal) who raised me in the absence of my mother.....he was a functioning drunk, sneeking vodka bottles in his car and at 83 y/o when drinking vodka at 11:30am fell and hit his head at a convenience store, suffered a stroke thereafter within 24 hours and was bed ridden for two months before dying.

It was a sad way to go for such a loved man by his church, family and community.

Hence I am a heartfelt drunk-driving prevention speaker and substance abuse prevention speaker.

Substance Abuse Prevention & Drunk Driving Detour





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