Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Heart, New Life, New Year - Newness of Life in God for a New You and Blessed Year!

"Newness of life" in Christ is available to whosoever desires and will open their heart to let the God of glory in.

Many struggle endlessly, but never get ahead. However those who humble themselves and welcome the living, life-giving God into their hearts and lives always surge forward with new life, newfound strength and obtain supernatural blessings because of the divine power intervening for them and working on their behalf.

God loves His kids and takes pleasure in their personal proserity, advancement and enrichment (see Psalm 35:27). God wants to bless His kids like crazy so they get excited and joyfully shout His praises throughout the earth!

The arrogant and self-sufficient soul however who rejects God, disdains His children, despises His Word and shuns His promises will be left to its own demise... usually followed by and filled with bitterness, envy and jealousy when God's kids break forth in the earth with countless blessings beyond measure.

Nevertheless we all can choose to humble and purify our hearts, drawing near unto God with childlike faith. Most however in their pride and self-sufficiency refuse to do so.

The few who do however go after God will always mount up and rise with wings like eagles and soar above those struggling in self-sufficiency.

Rid yourself of the hard heart that weighs you down. Draw near to God and humbly ask for forgiveness. Ask Christ Jesus by the fire of His Holy Spirit to melt your heart, give you a new heart, renew you within and impart unto you newness of life.

This year God wants to take out of you the hard, stony heart that causes hurt and pain, alienating and irritating those around you, while inwardly afflicting you. God has a plan to give you a new heart (Ezekiel 36:26-27) by putting His Holy Spirit in you to make all things new.

Lift up your eyes to Jesus and ask Him to give you newness of life through the crucifixion of your old man (see Romans 6:4) and impartation / divine connection in Christ to give birth to in you a new man!

A new heart always precedes receiving the blessing of new life and the fulfillment of your dreams throughout the new year! - life coach, author and worldwide speaker for breakthrough


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