Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union - Division and Mis-Direction in the United States

"In this new decade, it's time the American people get a government that matches their decency; that embodies their strength." President Barak Obama

I have the utmost faith in my nation (moreso we the people), but foolishness, lies and fabrications from political parties and gov't agencies I have no respect for.

"It begins with our economy." Pres. Obama - FALSE

It begins with our health. God said in His Word that He "desires above all things that we be in health and prosper" (3 John 1:2).

Without good health no person, family or nation can prosper.

America is the most obese nation on earth. We have childhood diseases, learning disabilities and cancer appearing in people in their 20s and 30s (brain tumors, intestinal cancer, diabetes and other illnesses)as a result of the food we ingest daily.

Why? Because the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is not doing its job allowing food manufacturers to pump food additives, chemicals, steroids, antibiotics and harmful substances such as excitotoxins into the food we as a nation eat.

Secondly the packaging of our food in plastics containing BPA causes breast and prostate cancer. I taught high-school seniors for an entire year and ate at the school cafeteria everyday. Without fail daily every meal was cooked and served in disposable plastic containers, neither good for the human body of our nation's youth nor the environment (as not one plastic container was ever recycled).

So while Americans spend less of their disposable income on food than most industrialized nations, as a consequence they spend more on pharmaceutical drugs, visiting doctors and being hospitalized to care for their malfunctioning bodies.

So we're opting for convenience that causes cancer, cripples and kills us. Such is not a prosperous nation no matter how much fan-fare, flag waving and fabrications are spoken of from the Presidential pulpit.

Thirdly, American intelligence agencies supposedly keeping our borders secure and nation safe have been bought out by the military-industrial-complex and foolishly fabricate information demonizing nations abroad and creating characters such as Bin Laden to keep we the people in fear so they can justify war without end.

Consider one example, a recent fabricated picture the FBI created of a purported Bin Laden, wherein it uses the face of a Latin American man.

The military-industrial-complex and American intel agencies fueling their fire and justifying war without end with fabrications and foolishness (such as "slam dunk" intel that preceded the second Iraq war) would do well to reinvent and relocate itself to impoverished, disaster stricken lands like Haiti, Somalia and less oil rich nations that are truly in a state of chaos and in need of their security. By doing so the military could continue to employ its service personnel, but put them to better use in devastated regions of the earth to serve in a security, peacekeeping and humanitarian capacity.

This simultaneously would restore the standing of the United States internationally and serve us well diplomatically.

"Our most urgent task upon taking office was to shore up the same banks that helped cause this crisis." Pres. Obama

Fourthly, our most urgent task, which we failed to perform ...was to stand strong and let the banks go bankrupt so the free market could eliminate those banks gambling with taxpayer dollars. The US gov't and FDIC should have taken over those banks entirely, not foolishly given banks blank checks for lavish vacations and CEO golden parachutes as they sought to escape scandle and bankruptcy.

Washington has always preferred corporate welfare over the general welfare of the American people. This must change! Otherwise expect another American Revolution and civil war with great societal unrest.

"But when I ran for President, I promised I wouldn't just do what was popular..." Pres. Obama

On the contrary Mr. President, you gave in to Wall Street (as did Pres. Bush) giving them a fat check and complied with the warmongers wanting to go into Afghanistan (without first pulling out of Iraq). To your defense Mr. President Afghanistan is a far better war to fight than Iraq. Yet as Senator McCain has said concerning war, "Go hard or go home!

This we should do in relation to Afghanistan - go hard and go into Pakistan, the stronghold of terrorism in the region which feeds Afghanistan. It is a known fact terrorists daily cross the Afghan and Pakistani borders. Why then are we giving Pakistan hundreds of millions of US dollars, but not aggressively entering that nation (where prime ministers are being murdered) to set that country in order and thereby rid Afghanistan of terrorists once and for all simultaneously? Redirect troops from Iraq to fully engage Pakistan and Afghanistan Mr. President.

Most importantly as a matter of national security what about our porous borders that continually are penetrated?

We have terrorists already living on our shores (Dearborn, Michigan is a breeding ground as are other suspicious mosques sprinkled throughout our country). Of course as I mentioned earlier one of the biggest terrorists (and most covert) is the FDA and food manufacturers daily killing us through our food supply.

To sustain economic growth you must make people take responsibility for their future, all of which begins with their own health. Before trying to provide health care to people without charge, let us make sure they have put down their cigarettes and alcohol and begun exercising to show good faith first.

Pull back excessive defense spending and proceed on your noble and most needed initiatives for the country such as:
- rebuilding our infrastructure and modes of transport
- clean-energy initiatives
- improving education
- reforming the corrupt insurance industry
- sealing and safeguarding our borders at home
- protecting the environment (waters and highways - which many litter on daily, especially smokers)

I believe you are the man for the job Mr. President, but you must begin by standing up to corporate crooks from Wall Street to lobbyists to greedy insurance companies cheating people and the military-industrial-complex bankrupting our nation with wars without end (none of which they ever win - as our own generals have said, pleading for a non-military directive and assistance ...which the State Dept continually fails to provide to caught up in providing cover for the CIA operatives working through its non-producing bureaucracy).

The U.S. State Dept should recruit faith based ministers and rabbis to spearhead humanitarian and educational initiatives in terrorist infested nations to reform murderous ideologies and mindsets that have for decades prevailed and gone without intelligent confrontation and discourse. In so doing they can simultaneously teach that God is not a killer, but rather a lover and life-giver. This would do far more for peace in the world than dropping more bombs and sending in more troops. Simultaneously it would save the United States trillions of dollars we don't have, nor should be going in debt for in the first place.

You have much to do Mr. President, but you need to pull back from overseas (with the exception of a needy Haiti) and focus / direct our national budget toward that which concerns us at home.

If the FDA wont' do it's job - shut it down to save us several hundred million more dollars and at least remove the facade of protecting the people so the consumer can become more alert before blindly consuming toxic and poisonous food.

We have terrorists at home, within our borders, supposedly serving the American people but in the pocket of corporate crooks.

What will you do about it Mr. President?

Paul F Davis - author of United States of Arrogance, patriot and preacher

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