Friday, January 15, 2010

OUC Orlando Utilities Commission Website Problems to Increase Profits, Late Payments and Past Due Charges

OUC Orlando Utilities Commission has purposefully for years made their website difficult to delay consumers in route to making their payments in a timely fashion.

Recently after I had just finally gotten used to navigating through OUC's awful website, they changed it so now consumers have to click through several screens to locate their account records, charges and (as if that is not enough already) OUC then makes you click on another link to make a payment.

Although the consumer's account number had already been retrieved upon logging into the OUC website, Orlando Utilities Commission thought when it is time to pay that their website should direct consumers to a few more pages to delay the process.

Then to further frustrate consumers OUC makes it so on the final pre-payment page consumers again have to put their account number in (beyond the username and password that previously seconds earlier retrieved the numerical account number).

So if consumers can remember the OUC numerical account number, they then have to type it in (as you cannot copy and paste it from the previous page - another OUC web design trick) the payment page before OUC allows consumers to pay.

As a result of all OUC's website nonsense I was late a month making a payment and OUC charged me a

Past due amount of $3.41 which they greedily charge interest on monthly to increase accordingly if you resist paying it.

OUC Orlando Utilities Commission's website is designed to delay consumer payments, cause late payments to occur and increase their revenue (in my opinion). consumer advocate, Orlando born native and resident, long-time user of OUC

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