Friday, January 8, 2010

Stepping into Greatness - Being Prepared for the Unexpected and Delivering Under Pressure

When Heisman trophy candidate and NFL bound quarterback Colt McCoy was injured in the opening drive of play, true freshman quarterback Garrett Gilbert was suddenly thrust into the leadership role during the College Championship Football Game.

After a few shake-ups and mishaps early on, Gilbert got his composure and skillfully delivered two touchdowns with wide-receiver Jordan Shipley to make it happen for the Texas Longhorns coming within three points trailing 21-24 to #1 ranked Alabama.

To step into greatness we must be sufficiently prepared for opportunities and when they arrive, believe in ourselves and boldly go for it without fear or hesitation.

Although the Texas Longhorns lost their first string quarterback Colt McCoy and the national championship to the University of Alabama, they gained a new quarterback in Garrett Gilbert (who by the way led his high-school team to two state championships) who now has experience playing in big games.

When you learn how to play with pain and perform under pressure, you too can be ready to step into greatness! - life coach, int'l speaker and author

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