Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Delta Airlines Complaints, Poor Customer Service and Neglect - Fly Southwest for Better Service

No reply from Delta in regard to letter written to Delta Customer Relations dated October 30, 2009. Southwest is now my favorite airline in the United States.

Since merging with Northwest customer service at Delta has really gone down.

October 30, 2009

Delta Customer Relations
PO Box 20980
Dept. 980
Atlanta, GA 30320-2980

Dear Delta,

I am writing to submit a request for a refund of my 30,000 miles to my Delta account.

Upon making the reservation from Orlando to Rome, I was given a locator number of QPPNC9 and told I would have a few days to make arrangements in Italy and then purchase the ticket paying 60,000 miles, along with the necessary taxes and airport fees.

However upon calling back to make the reservation a different Delta representative refused to issue the ticket under QPPNC9 and instead created a new reference number of RRR9KP (ticket 006-2315527686) charging me 90,000 miles along with the associated taxes and fees.

Not feeling good and right about this, I phoned Delta and was advised to write a letter to the Customer Relations department at Delta to request refund of my 30,000 miles overcharged me for the flight.

To add insult to injury, when I bought the $25 travel insurance through (Access America) and sent them the details and expenses incurred as a result of having to stay over in New York on October 23rd, because of Delta rerouting our plane to Newfoundland, Canada (causing me to miss my JFK-Orlando connection), Access America claims they haven’t yet scanned my documents which I mailed on Monday morning October 26th requesting a reimbursement for $235.25.

After submitting my documents to Access America three times, they finally sent me a check for $150 (not the full amount) for which $85.25 still needs to be reimbursed.

Delta is also liable for the $85.25 because after they landed in Newfoundland, Canada and dropped off the person with a medical emergency... Delta took an additional four hours removing luggage that was entirely unnecessary delaying me and causing me to miss my connection.

Delta may try to say they needed to remove the luggage for security reasons, but this is not true because had their been a security issue (which there was not) the luggage never would have made it on the plane to begin with.

Delta misplaces luggage all the time and later sends it to the passenger, which could (and should) have been done in this instance rather than creating additional inconveniences and emergencies for other passengers because of Delta's negligence.

I have for many years been a loyal and faithful customer of Delta, always telling my friends and family that Delta is the best air carrier in the United States. Please don’t disappoint me and cause me to look elsewhere in the future for my air travel needs.

My father in law claims Southwest is better, but I am hopeful that Delta can resolve this issue and remain my air carrier of choice.

Although I am a consumer advocate producing videos and blogs on airlines, I remain hopeful and expectant this will not be necessary wishing the best for and from Delta.

I look forward to hearing from you to resolve this matter.


Paul F Davis – Delta frequent flyer

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