Saturday, February 20, 2010

Conflict Resolution Speaker: Relationships, Purpose, Personal Power and Having a Heart

Have you ever taken a bold stance based on your personal convictions and then later felt you were too rough, hard hearted and a bit mean?

Then when someone speaks up and reminds you to be loving you find yourself saying "Ouch, oh me, oh my, amen!"

Loving people is important, but protecting your time, guarding your heart and purpose and wisely choosing whom to associate with is as well. Jesus obviously was selective only choosing 12 men to allow close proximity and consistent ongoing interaction with him. Matthew 25 talks about the unjust lazy steward, while in the same chapter talks about helping the poor. It's truly a narrow path that enters into life many are poor in soul, heart and mind (the humble therein you can help, but the proud and loud coupled with poverty often are unwilling to hear and time wasters).

As for what is "important" than can differ for each person.

Don't let others put their map on you!

Live your dreams and govern your time without apology. - life coach, mediator for conflict resolution and international speaker for breakthrough and personal empowerment

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