Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rihanna Exorcism: Casting Out Demons and Supernatural Power

My wife Karla just sent me this post on Rihanna concerning casting out demons, exorcism and supenatural power ...which I would like to share.

Shut Up and Drive the Devil Out!
Get thee behind Ri, Satan! Growing up in Barbados, Rihanna witnessed many an exorcism. Mostly, they would happen at church when someone would jump out of the pew, screaming in a demon voice. "Everybody would rush toward them, pray," she told radio DJ Jojo Wright on KIIS FM.

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But sometimes the demons would hit a little closer to home, such as, say, in Rihanna's home. One time, when Rihanna was a kid, her mother and some women were praying in Rihanna's house and one of the girls started to scream. Rihanna and the other children were locked in a bedroom while the women prayed over the possessed woman. "It's funny now, but I swear, at the time, I was sh-tting myself," she says.

Hopefully the demons haven't latched onto Rihanna. Not that a demonic fit wouldn't have made for a fab acceptance speech at the Grammys.


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