Thursday, February 4, 2010

Florida Kite Surfer Killed by Sharks off Stuart Beach: Florida Surfer Warning, Shark Migration

As a surfer myself shark attacks always get my attention. Yet never have I heard of a death as a result of a shark attack in Florida. That is until I heard the horrible news this week of kite surfer Stephen Howard Schafer who apparently was attacked by several sharks, causing serious wounds by which he died.

The lifeguard who paddled out to Schafer and brought him in on his board had to be feeling a bit freaky for himself after such a brutal devouring. Surely the lifeguard himself was thinking if he'd be dessert after the 38 y/o kite sufer was consumed for dinner.

I've heard it said by fishermen and helicopters who have flown over Volusia County beaches in Florida (arguably where the most shark attacks happen in the world) that the waters are infested with sharks.

Florida governmental heads should really do something about it to preserve life, assure tourists and safeguard families.

Nets worked for the olympics in Sydney, Australia. The Chinese will happily hunt shark for sharkfin soup - why not us?

Multiple shark bite wounds is no laughing matter, nor to be taken lightly when a kite surfer shows up unconscious when rescued. Paramedics tried resuscitate Schafer on the beach before he was rushed to the hospital, where he subsequently died.

Being gobbled up by sharks would be enough to give me a heart attack. A surfer can punch one shark in the eyes and nose, but several in the midst of a feeding frenzy is a bit much.

Hence I always pray before paddling out to surf Florida's shark infested waters.

God help us all.

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