Thursday, February 4, 2010

Suze Orman, Susie Orman - Bank On Yourself, Invest in Yourself

While exercising and doing my cardiovascular workout at the gym, I saw a brief advert for Suze Orman or some spell it Susie Orman.

Suze or Susie had a quick advert saying - Bank On Yourself - which I wholeheartedly agree in and have always done.

Whenever I earn a significant amount of money, I always earnestly take a portion to invest in myself.

You should always invest in yourself also. Invest in yourself realizing and always remembering you are far more valuable than any bank, stock, real estate, retirement or mutual fund out there!

Invest in yourself and I promise you great fulfillment, a fun and adventurous life full of meaning and joy making money on what you love and do best!

Self-investment is the road to internal and financial wealth.

No go invest in yourself and watch the monumental returns, miracles and breakthroughs that shall come to and through you!

Paul F Davis - worldwide health and wellness speaker, author of 18 books and life coach for success

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