Tuesday, February 9, 2010

James Ray - No Allowance for Ignorance, James Ray says

I recently heard about a self-acclaimed "spiritual warrior" or a spiritual warrior seminar on Larry King Live. Having never before heard of James Ray, I wanted to find out more about the fuss, well the disgust behind the deaths of three innocent people at one of James Ray's spiritual warrior seminars at a sweat lodge in Arizona.

I watched James Ray on his media page at his website and enjoyed the message on the combination for success. Nothing overly profound, but after all truth should be simplistic and easy to apply. James Ray undoubtedly is a good speaker and can hold an audience.

In another video of James Ray, perhaps when he was being interviewed by Tom Green (comedian)... or another video on his page... I heard James Ray say: "No allowance for ignorance."

Truly this is where I stand on the three deaths of innocent people attending the spiritual warrior seminar offered by James Ray.

As James Ray says there is "no allowance for ignorance" ...so too does it apply to the law of the land, ensuring the safety of those attending your seminars and taking every necessary precaution ...

The attorney of James Ray said every precaution was made to safeguard those attending his seminar. Yet employee Melinda Martin says otherwise.

Tony Robbins has his fire walk. James Ray has his sweat lodge experience for the spiritual warrior.

I understand speakers like to employ some type of activity to enable seminar attendees to do the unordinary and feel a sense of personal breakthrough.

Yet these events and activities definitely need to be safe.

As James Ray says, "No allowance for ignorance."


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