Friday, February 5, 2010

McDonalds in China: McDonalds in China - The Worst Thing for China

Sadly McDonalds is going full force into and across China.

As a recent documentary every informed citizen of China should watch reveals

...McDonalds is one of the main reasons America is one of the most obese / fattest nations on earth.

Because McDonalds has sway over the way beef is produced in a nation wherein they do business, McDonalds being such a huge buyer of beef (economically they have the power to influece the way cattle ranchers feed and raise their cows).

Since the American business model wants: bigger, fatter, faster, cheaper leads to poor quality of beef, along with harmful hormones and corn feed cattle (something the Creator never intended).

When you take cows off grass and put them on corn, cows get more diseases ...which in turn goes into the beef we eat. Many American beef processing plants now put ammonia and other chemical soups together to treat the beef in before sending it to market as a way of trying to prevent meat contamination and diseases.

Yet the chemicals and additives themselves also lead to disease, immune deficiencies and cause havoc to the human body (sometimes causing various forms of cancer in the intestines and tumors).

What is worst of all for China, a nation with heavy air pollution already, is McDonalds way of doing business will lead China to feed cows corn and other forms of feed other than grass, which in turn will increase the animal feces / manuer which will have to be dumped somewhere.

In America cows and chickens feces / manuer is being dumped into our rivers and waterways, polluting and contaminating the water supply (causing more diseases and parasitic infections). Hence China can expect the same with McDonalds doing business across their country and taking over the beef industry (or at least influencing China's beef processing heavily).

China - beware of McDonalds and learn from America's failings before you fall head first in similar fashion.

Make McDonalds serve healthy beef, stop frying food in grease and be honest about the ingredients and food additives they put within their quick meals.

Be wise China and regulate the way McDonalds does business in your backyard.

The American way is not always the best way! - worldwide health and wellness speaker, consumer advocate and former fitness trainer

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