Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sex Club Conversation Goes God: Bartender and Gay Guy Talk God in a Sex Club

God in a Sex Club – Nasty or Nice?

Oh, pretty cool ...today my wife emailed me this article on a 17 year old bartender working in a gay sex club having the early beginnings of a spiritual awakening and coming to faith in God.

Of course there is some fine-tuning and perfecting of her beliefs, spiritual truth and divine understanding needed ...but hey, let's rejoice whenever some light shines in darkness and God becomes the topic of conversation.


This precisely is the premise of my two books:

- "God's Gone Wild & You Can Too!"

- "God's Gone Wild, No Guts - No Glory!"

Although mankind and religion erect walls of separation whereby we demonize and alienate humanity....God in heaven loves everybody!

To bring balance to the Oprah link on spirituality - I don't believe or see God quite like the yoga instructor does, nor exactly as Oprah does .... but I do believe God's love transcends the barriers and stereotypical judgments that divide us.

How ironic for some (not me necessariy) to see a heartfelt and spiritually minded homosexual go God on a bartender in a New York sex club. Of course the gay man was telling that which he knew about God (more than many church going folks dare to do with their Biblical knowledge sometimes ....sadly).

The young bartender "told him that God only seemed to show up" in her life when she messed up and seemed punishing and judgmental.

Another reason why we who know God and the love of Christ need to show and tell God's goodness to others.

This young bartender named Seane Corne (now a yoga instructor and HIV/AIDS activist) was scared of God "because He seemed mean."

A kind hearted gay man was able to show her otherwise.

Sean Corne reveals:

“I believe now that God shows up in many ways and in different forms. Through different teachings, he illuminates our hearts, provides guidance and reveals truths in ways that only we can realize or take in, depending on where we are at in our lives at various times. At that time, I couldn't have received any insight, awareness or even inspiration in a church or a temple. Those environments were foreign and uncomfortable to me. Instead, God showed up for me in a sex club.”

“God shows up in remarkable and unusual ways, providing us with guidance and insight into the soul, planting seeds that will move us toward our destiny.”

"God is not something to be discovered, simply uncovered, and the journey of self-awakening will be unique for each soul."

Let we who profess to know God - which the Bible calls "love" (1John 4:7-8) - continue to drink in, fully discover and show this divine and marvelously unconditional love to the people of the world with whom we live, work, commute and interact daily.

Withhold your judgments and presumptuous incriminations that we all are inwardly inclined to demonize and alienate people with.

Just love and lift people....and show the world a living Jesus!

God's Spirit will transcend the barriers, reveal truth, enlighten hearts and do the rest.

If a homosexual man feeling ostracized and abandoned by his family, community and church can grasp the love of God and share it in the darkest of places to a 17 year old bartender thinking herself to be sophisticated, how much more can we who are spiritually minded and graced with the empowerment of our local churches arise, lay down our hurts and hypocrisies and simply love the lost.


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