Friday, February 5, 2010

World Travel and Shots: International Travel, Shots and Medication to Prevent Disease

It's always good to get as few shots as possible (still turn my head to this day whenever they inject me :o)

When going to India and Thailand years ago they were giving Larium for typhoid at the time (something a CDC doctor in California told me was killing military soldiers and causing them to go into hallucinations). Thankfully I avoided the pill and took a milder form (as they told me the pill was good for 2 years and the shot only 1 year - usually it seems to work the reverse).

So I took the pill, went to Thailand and still got typhoid through some bad lobster. I had a wicked fever and chills for a week and my urine was like coca-cola before I got an antibiotic which knocked it out of me and restored me to good health happily within days.

So my experience is the CDC pills and shots don't always work and the mercury in these shots is equally deadly for the human body. - world traveler to 58 countries and 6 continents

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