Sunday, December 27, 2009

Academic Success Speaker - Natural Cure for ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder: Say No to Ritalin DMAE improves memory and learning enhancing cognitive ability, reduces hyperactivity, increases attention span, reduces irritability, improves sleep and helps remove lipofuscin, "age spots" on skin.

Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) or deanol, is a natural substance found in anchovies and sardines and, to a limited extent, in the brain itself. DMAE is known to increase the production of choline in the brain and, as a result, increases the brain’s production of acetylcholine.

DMAE produces a sense of mood elevation and improved memory and learning ability, even in the young. In one large study involving behavioral problems in children, it was found that DMAE supplementation reduced hyperactivity, increased attention span, and reduced irritability in 76% of girls and 66% of boys. It is definitely a better alternative than the drug Ritalin in cases of attention deficit disorder.

Other reports show DMAE reduces daytime fatigue and gives one a sense of having more energy. Sleep is also often sounder and Doctor Russell Blaylock reports that many require less sleep than before supplementation. DMAE appears to stabilize cell membranes. worldwide speaker, educator and author of "Teacher Success and Survival Secrets"


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