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Health and Wellness Speaker: Is the Water You're Drinking Causing Illness and Slowly Killing You?

The American Dental Association, National Sanitation Foundation, American Water Works Association, National Research Council, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Public Health Service, U.S. Center for Disease Control and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration advocate and promote the dumping of an unregulated toxic waste by-product (industrial grade hydrofluosilicic acid) into municipal water supplies under the guise of a beneficial public health project.

Fluorosis is defined as: "Chronic fluorine poisoning, sometimes marked by mottling of the tooth enamel. Often results from too much fluoride in the drinking water."

If you have liver problems, skin rashes or a weak immune system - check your local water thoroughly.

Upon doing so, I discovered a history of contaminants from a former Navy Base in Orlando (not far from my home), where my grandparents shopped every Saturday morning (my Pop-Pop being a retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel).

Now known as "Baldwin Park" an upscale residential neighborhood for the middle to upper-middle class homes sell for big money thereon... I wonder how many know the contaminants their properties are built on?

Years ago, there was a blurb in the Orlando Sentinel stating that the newspaper was the #1 source for dumping hazardous material in the city storm-water system. Now that's what I call "giving back" to the community.

State: Sentinel May Be 1 Source Of Contaminant
By Mary Beth Regan Of The Sentinel Staff | September 5, 1992
After a review of conflicting studies, state officials say The Orlando Sentinel remains the likely source of one pocket of groundwater contamination in northern downtown Orlando.But the newspaper may not be the sole source, state environmental officials said Friday. There appears to be an older pocket of trichloroethene, or TCE, beneath Walkup Exterminating Inc., northwest of the Sentinel property, officials said.A letter from a Department of Environmental Regulation official says the Sentinel may be held responsible for cleaning one pocket of TCE at Orange Avenue and Colonial Drive.

Regulations Haven't Stopped Contamination, Experts Say
By Alex Beasley Of The Sentinel Staff | June 23, 1992
There is growing evidence that groundwater contamination from dry cleaners is not a problem that disappeared 15 or 20 years ago.Most experts believe that a combination of education and federal and state regulations enacted in the 1970s and 1980s ended most of the indiscriminate disposal of the dry-cleaning solvent perchloroethylene.But the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation is turning up cases of recent groundwater contamination from dry cleaners throughout the state. For example:- In south Orange County investigators have linked groundwater contamination to a dry cleaner that has been operating for several years.

5 Nasa Facilities May Go On Superfund Cleanup List
By Sean Holton Sentinel Washington Bureau | February 8, 1992
NASA is likely to land on the nation's worst-toxic-offender list because of environmental neglect and groundwater contamination at five of its far-flung field centers, according to a government report completed Friday.Years of hazardous waste pollution could make laboratories and research centers in California and Virginia the first NASA-owned sites targeted as Superfund projects, the General Accounting Office report stated.Two NASA sites - the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.

This one below made me laugh at the intelligence of the EPA in "cleaning up" hazardous sites. Uh, yeah, clean the water and release the toxins in the air. Brilliant!

Epa, Harris Reach Accord For Cleanup In Palm Bay
November 20, 1991
The Environmental Protection Agency announced Tuesday it has reached a final agreement with Harris Corp. for the company to clean up groundwater contamination at its 500-acre site in Palm Bay.Since the groundwater contamination was first detected in 1981, Harris has spent $3.5 million to pump out the water, release the toxic chemicals into the air and then pump the water back into the ground. The severity of the contamination put the site on EPA's national priority list 1987.The ground water was contaminated by paints, solvents, oils and dyes in the 1960s before government regulations monitored disposal of toxic materials.

Cancer causing agents from the landfill to the water (read below). I wonder where all those cigarettes and trash people dump on the streets and highways go? Hmm, when it rains I'd guess into our lakes eventually. Nothing like drinking cancer infested water thanks to our filthy smokers.

Volusia Council Orders Probe Of Groundwater Contamination
By Craig Quintana Of The Sentinel Staff | April 5, 1991
The detection of a cancer-causing chemical in a monitoring well at Tomoka Landfill has triggered a probe into groundwater contamination at the dump.The Volusia County Council approved a $19,277 engineering study Thursday to determine the extent of the vinyl chloride contamination and its possible threat to the water supply.''It's our landfill,'' Council member Clay Henderson said. ''We have to act as quickly as we can.''Henderson admonished the county's public works department for not notifying the council and taking quick action in July, when the chemical was discovered.

This article below reminds me of all the kind hearted construction truck drivers (you know the one's driving trucks delivering stones, rocks, etc.) who DON'T bother to cover their trucks and drive 20 miles over the speed limit so you won't see their license plate as all their rocks fly on to and crack your windshield. Of course they deeply care or not? Obviously the latter. Can we expect any more from the rest of our constructions workers out to make a quick buck? I think not (read below).

Contaminated Soil Adds To Lake Apopka's Troubles
By Lisanne Renner of The Sentinel Staff | September 28, 1987
Polluted Lake Apopka has enough problems, what with fish kills and murky green water. It didn't help matters when a contractor dumped more than 50 truckloads of gasoline-contaminated dirt beside a stretch of lakeshore.Concerned that gasoline could seep into groundwater or run off into Lake Apopka, state and Orange County environmental agencies are testing the property for groundwater contamination.The truckloads of dirt came from a Gulf gas station in Winter Garden, where a crew replaced three leaky fiberglass tanks and hauled away gasoline- soaked soil.

Shallow Wells To Undergo Tests For Contamination
April 29, 2000
ORMOND BEACH - The county health department will canvass the Ormond Lakes subdivision next week to test shallow wells after groundwater contamination was found at a nearby business. County officials said there is no apparent health threat from contamination at 1281 North U.S. Highway 1, formerly the site of the World Color printing company. Tests have concluded there is petroleum, cyanide and metal contamination in soil and groundwater on the property. But it doesn't appear that the contamination has moved off the property, county environmental director Stephen Kintner said.

For several years, the property owned by the Orlando Utilities Commission has been vacant due mainly to TCE contamination issues.
(see page 8 of 15) control F - "TCE contamination"

Now that the above mentioned has accounted for my home city and many surrounding counties, what about yours?

I look forward to hearing your comments below and outcry against the pollution of our most sacred and precious resource paramount to our very survival.

With all the talk of healthcare, it seems our President might want to pull back the reigns on another war initiative and include our nation's contaminated water in the health care initiative.

Otherwise al-Qaeda won't need to attack us, as we with our environmental disregard, consumerism and capitalistic greed will kill ourselves. - health and wellness speaker, former fitness trainer, consumer advocate and author of "United States of Arrogance"

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