Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Conflict Resolution Speaker: Success Secrets to Stay Cool and Maintain Your Composure Under Pressure

To add to my previous article on effectively handling screamers and people given to yelling, I now add my success secrets to stay cool under pressure and maintain your composure in emotionally charged and hostile situations.

To stay cool:

1. Conceal your inward thoughts outward, showing as little as emotion as possible (remembering the screaming manipulator strives to fluster you and get you to react rather than be proactive).

2. Breathe deeply, as fear causes us to breathe shallow and restricts the life flow within.

3. Slow down intentionally and purposefully to refrain from jumping to snap judgments, speaking or acting prematurely.

4. Don't make any concessions or promises in the heat of the moment, which often are caused when you emotionally are manipulated to cave and cower (often with regret later for doing so).

Be calm, stay cool and slowly assess the situation giving yourself days, weeks, months (and if necessary years) to evaluate and examine the person with whom you are in a disagreement.

Time always reveals truth. Don't be in a hurry.

Let time reveal truth as to what you should (or should not do) and expose the defiled and impure in your midst. - mediator for conflict resolution, life coach and author


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