Thursday, December 3, 2009

SunTrust A Dog with Fleas: Word on Wall St. on SunTrust a SELL for Meredith Whitney and Warren Buffett

I just got word from Wall Street that Meredith Whitney is SELLING SunTrust and Warren Buffett is reducing his holdings.

SunTrust is obviously a dog with fleas and given the upcoming class action lawsuits connected with SunTrust's fraudulent overdraft fees by which they took advantage of countless customers, SunTrust is going to fall hard.

Expect the CEO and higher-ups at SunTrust to bail when the ship starts sinking amid the financial wreckage and blowback when defrauded customers get their recompense in court and restitution with heavy punitive damages in the class action lawsuit.

SunTrust was the bank of choice for the 9-11 terrorists. Some say that was not by chance. - consumer advocate, author and worldwide speaker

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