Saturday, December 5, 2009

Carlos Dunlap Florida Gators Defensive End DUI and Suspension Before SEC Championship

Days before the Florida Gators SEC and potentially national championship, their star defensive end Carlos Dunlap was arrested by Gainesville police at 3:58am for drunk driving.

Carlos Dunlap was arrested early this morning and booked in Alachua County jail on a DUI charge.

Florida coach Urban Meyer suspended Dunlap for Saturday's game in Atlanta. Meyer said after Tuesday night's practice that Dunlap had made "a very poor decision."

"I have not spoke to him or his family yet. ... He's not going to play. But I want to visit with him and his family first and go from there,'' Meyer said. "We've had distractiom after distraction (this season). This is a very serious one, obviously, so ... it is a distraction. But sometimes this team has found ways to get a little tighter in distractions and we have had a few of them this year."

It hurts the Florida Gators because Alabama's first two drives of the football game (in progress at this writing) put an immediate 9 points on the scoreboard.

Yet I respect coach Urban Meyer for commanding his ball players and leading them in life, suspending such harmful and hazardous behavior, while doing what is best for human life over a football game.

Although it hurts to see the Gators struggling on defense because of the suspension, I'd rather see the Gators lose a game than somebody lose a life because of drunk driving by a college football player.

Whether or not Dunlap is the NFL's number 3 choice in the draft and an All-American, driving drunk is a bad decision and the timing is horrendous.

I pray Dunlap and his family can overcome this.

I lost my mom to drunk driving and was nearly killed by a drunk driver in 2008.

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