Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dealing with Difficult People During the Holidays

Stay calm, keep your joy, be positive and circulate to share the love - not letting anybody bring you down. Ultimately grumpy people during the holidays who rub you the wrong way, just want to steal your joy. Stay happy, celebratory and upbeat to show them the way out of their depression and disgruntlement.

As I prepare to give a talk on "Dealing with Difficult People" in the islands for the new year, I thought of all the wonderful extended family members who rarely see or spend time with each other throughout the year, who come together during the holidays with their many opinions, ideas and expectations.

Keep the holidays Christ and family focused, not letting any one family member lord themselves over you (or anyone else) or put a damper on the celebration and reunion.

Humor and joking is fun, but beware of little digs and innuendos endeavoring to divide and tear people down.

If necessary pull the killjoy aside and have a talk with him or her, lest they spoil the celebration for everyone.

What you do not confront, you can never correct. What you tolerate will perpetuate and eventually dominate if unchecked.

Let love, peace and joy reign supreme to quench all other foul attitudes and motives in between.

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