Sunday, December 20, 2009

She said "I'm leaving you!" but as for me I'm happy as can be!

She said, "I am leaving you!"
Yet this before I have heard.
Again today this I did hear.
However I somehow did not fear
I've been down this road before
Emotional frustration at the door
Personal agony eating her within
I being the closest person to blame
Lest her illusions of grandeur end
In less than futile fortune and fame
Nevertheless me today she did disdain
Bitter sweet is a double-minded dame
Who seeks to strengthen her stature
Inwardly pursue and ponder another game
Considering other options Tom, John and Ross
Therefore I said, "Good. It's your loss!"
Walking out the house, I went to workout
Focusing my body and mind on being my best
Not succumbing to her word's of torment
Refusing to be belittled by them in the least
Remembering 3 billion women in the world need
Encourage myself and my emotions I did feed
Rather than being beguiled and caused to bleed
By her vile mechanism of emotional manipulation
I purposed to stand strong without hestitation
After a good two-hour workout I happily went home
To surprisingly find the grumpy girl long gone
Replaced by a cheerful, nurturing and loving wife
What happened to remove the turmoil and strife?
This I know not, neither do I care to fully explore
Yet this one thing I know, when complaining arose
I got up with confidence and walked out the door.
Determined to maintain my sanity and this for sure
Therefore gents be troubled by her threats no more!
Having done your best, pray that it's greatly blessed
Then happily rejoice, live your life and forget the rest
Neither be bothered by her PMS or foul moods swings
Stand strong remembering within you possess everything
Nor do you need a woman to affirm and validate you.
This you can happily do alone and cultivate yourself.
Happiness is an inside job which we must attend to
Otherwise a woman will get beneath your skin eventually
To belittle, betray, threaten, torment and manipulate you. worldwide motivational speaker and author of several life-changing books including "Poems That Propel The Planet"

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