Friday, December 11, 2009

Overcoming Adversity Speaker: Welcoming and Celebrating Opposition, Persecution and Presumption

Have you ever been misunderstood, harshly opposed and persecuted? If so, rejoice!

Most people who judge and harshly criticize do so out of their own presumption and perception of the situation. However if we were to ask 10 other random strangers to assess the situation, they may respond completely differently.

Therefore don't let opposition cause you to shrink back and love yourself any less. On the contrary persecution and opposition is undivided attention. Therefore celebrate the fact that people love you enough to give you the time of day!

Presumption has been called the "great transgression" of the Bible (Psalm 19:12-13). That is when people try to size you up, attach labels to you and criticize you for your strengths that rub them the wrong way.

Nurture your strengths and don't allow them to be diminished or dwarfed by criticism. Instead learn from your critics and let their words be cause for more circumpsection, evaluation and personal growth.

Your critics cause you to be sharper, more fully focused, alert and available to think things through concerning your every move and what you are to do.

Critics and persecution fine-tune and temper the rough aspects of your disposition and cause you to be more self-aware when dealing with people and expressing your heart and mind.

Therefore never feel bad when critics start surfacing in your life, because honestly they do far more to help fulfill your destiny than they who flatter you.

It was Judas, one of Jesus' twelve disciples, who both betrayed Him and simultaneously enabled Him to fulfill His destiny of dying on the cross for humanity.

Therefore instead of considering your critics a curse, see them through the eyes and purpose of God to propel your future and provide you free publicity to further brightly shine! - worldwide overcoming adversity speaker and author of "Breakthrough For A Broken Heart"

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