Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Affirmative Action Speaker: Opportunity and Success for Every Skin Color

Some whites oppose affirmative action because it does not personally benefit them. Will they feel otherwise when whites are the minority in America?

According to the Census Bureau the estimated time when whites will no longer make up the majority of Americans has been pushed back eight years — to 2050 — because the recession and stricter immigration policies have slowed the flow of foreigners into the U.S.

Census Bureau figures released Wednesday have updated last year's prediction that white children would become a minority in 2023 and the overall white population would follow in 2042. The earlier estimate did not take into account a drop in the number of people moving into the U.S. because of the global economic crisis and the immigration policies imposed after 9-11 terrorist attacks.

America is all about living your dreams, which always requires putting feet to your faith and taking action. Institutional and generational barriers have disenfranchised some ethnicities and races, whereby they have started well behind many of us in regard to the level of their education, at home nutrition, familial stability and emotional tranquility.

Nevertheless as a son of a drug addict and alcoholic (thankfully raised by my grandparents and then later my father and stepmother) I understand the importance of personal struggle.

Truly there can be no progress without process. Often frustration is the beginning of progress, as you get angry and disatisfied with the status quo.

Nobody should ever look to their family, friends or government to sustain them when they can be proactive and make it happen (with God's help) for themselves. Yet when hard times hit, we are always thankful (myself included) to receive help, no matter where it comes from.

That being said I thank God for my family, friends and the generosity of the U.S. government to help those suffering, unemployed, immigrating, struggling to pay health care and kids unable to buy lunch everyday at school.

Of course I realize the taxpayers bear these expenses to help the less fortunate. Yet is not this what makes our nation great? Our ability to help the downtrodden and those in need? I think so!

Yet at the same time imparting the spirit of hope and empowering people to get up and apply their gifts, talents and abilities to provide for themselves and wholeheartedly pursue their dreams should also be part of the equation.

President Obama broke the race barrier and is living the American dream, proving to the naysayers and complainers (among the up-and-out and down-and-out) that with faith and hope, coupled with daily hard work and persistence, there surely is a way out.

As we replace anxiety with creativity; hatred with a love for humanity; and our personal hurts with hope for the future - together we can create a better world for ourselves, our families and posterity.

Let us affirm the greatness of the human spirit, our ability to live our dreams and our resilience as a people to overcome all obstacles when we believe the best in one another and endeavor to cooperatively come together.

Truly "nothing is impossible when we believe" (Mark 10:27) and put feet to our faith (James 2:26) to arise and make things happen! - affirmative action speaker for success and author of 17 books


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