Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Women Issues Speaker: American Women Entitlement Mentality and Lack of Integrity

The greatest generation, my grandparents' era, are sadly gone. They knew how to work for what they wanted and rarely complained. Today we have women's rights, fights, a lack of integrity and an entitlement mentality. What do I mean?

Thanks to modern media, immorality and an ungodly mentality of entitlement that tells women they "deserve" more... women nowadays are continually looking over the fence for greener pastures, richer men and romantic flings.

I learned a long time ago lust is not love, although it can be more fun for a short while. However reality eventually catches up with us and allows us to test the depth of professed love.

The Bible says, "Love in deed and truth, not in tongue" (1 John 3:18). American women (like men professing love to get quick sex) have learned to say the right things to get a relational commitment and mate a man, only to later learn and discover thereafter that the love they sought was nothing more than an illusion.

Notions of love often are far apart and removed from reality and everyday life. True love is coupled with truth and commitment, which soap operas and bachelorette shows rarely embody and embrace.

Infatuation and personal gratification therefore has become the order of the day for many self-willed and headstrong American women. To each her own. After all it is your life.

Yet if you are disgruntled, disillusioned and unhappy ladies don't blame the men in your life for your "issues" currently inwardly and outwardly tormenting you.

How about a check-up from the neck up for American women.

1. Before you gripe about money - get a job and pay your bills.

Too many women lean on the men in their life and complain while doing so, but rarely contribute.

2. Learn how to keep your word and do what you say.

American women talk, complain and gossip much but do very little.

If you set a goal, finish what you start. Otherwise you are flaky and unstable.

Don't seek satisfaction in a man if you cannot master your own life and show some discipline in your career pursuits, educational enrichment and occupational advancement.

I once dated a woman who comically wanted to have children immediately after marriage. There was an obvious insecurity and depth of despair in this emotional bottomless pit who desperately yearned for something to give her life purpose.

While having and raising children is honorable and admirable, wanting to do so immediately after the honeymoon is a bit desperate and indicates a lack of personal purpose.

3. Instead of creating problems, be a problem solver.

A woman once told her Pastor, "Please pray for me Pastor that God will give me a husband to take care of me."

The Pastor wisely replied: "I don't have a husband to take care of me."

Many women have a similar mentality, shunning thier personal responsibility to provide for their needs and harness their greeds which they don't have sufficient provision to presently obtain.

Instead of being overwhelmed and undone with envy and jealousy when you see others with that which you want, why not practice some personal disciple and good old fashion dedication to work tirelessly until you can EARN that it is you want.

The women of today think they are entitled to something just because somebody else has it and they too want it. I don't think so.

Get off your arse and get an education and a job - applying some discipline to EARN that which you desire.

Otherwise you have no right to complain and whine about it if you are too lazy to get up and work for it.

If you think a sugar daddy will solve your problems, you are greatly deceived. A sugar daddy will treat you like a prosititute and get rid of you when he is finished using you.

Thereafter you will feel worthless and worth less than before.

That being said how about taking the time to invest in yourself, separate yourself from men and do soemthing meaningful with your life instead of shopping, complaining and comparing.

Your problem is not your man, but the person in the mirror.

Welcome to the 21st century princess.

What you SAY means nothing. What you DO means everything!

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