Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Success Speaker: Replace Anxiety with Creativity to Experience Abundance and Prosperity

How creative would you be if money was no object? Today do not let money stop you from thinking BIG and being fruitful.

As the prophet Isaiah said, "Break forth into joy!" Rejoice in your Creator today and get lost in His Spirit to live in celebratory fashion and thereby spontaneously be creative so you can break forth in the earth and live an authentic life that is attractive and dynamic.

Be true to your inner divine essence knowing your were created in the image of God.

Update your identity, connect with the divine and live by faith in this moment in time!

Your best days and most blessed days are ahead of you as you walk by faith, not by sight, neither allow fear to quench your inspirational fire within.

Burn hot for God and co-create your world with God to experience new days, new ways and open new doors for wealth to flow through and unto you!

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