Friday, December 11, 2009

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It never ceases to amaze me how many deals sales reps lose because they get emotional when interacting with potential buyers.

I recently went into LA Fitness before Christmas (the time when most want to eat and not exercise) to inquire about their specials for new memberships.

I already have a lifetime membership at Bally Health Clubs worldwide (but they recently without forewarning shut 2 of the 4 clubs in the Orlando metro).

Further down the street their is a Planet Fitness currently offering $99 memberships (no initiation fee) for the entire year. Which I had recently joined (but had a 3 day cancellation clause if I changed my mind, offering me a full money back guaranty).

When I simply asked for the numbers (financials) at LA Fitness the sales rep got a bit irritated with me.

As a former fitness trainer (24 Hour Fitness) myself I did not need to know about the gym, because the previous month I worked out at LA Fitness (the same club) for 10 days on a guest pass. I liked the gym and had already sold myself. Yet it was entirely about the numbers.

When I told the LA Fitness rep I already had memberships at Bally's and Planet Fitness, but was considering her club, she just showed me the price sheet and quoted me some numbers.

What was funny however is she said, "If you pay up front for two years at $19 a month, you get the third year for free."

"Oh," I said, "so it will cost me $456 for three years?"

"No," she said, "for three years it costs $748."

"Then it is not really $19 a month. Do the math. You're obviously charging an additional fee somewhere in there or not giving the third year away for free as you said."

Being flustered because she did not know the financials of her health clubs specials, she became insecure and got offended. Then becoming very touchy she was useless as a sales rep to procure a sale for her company.

She just wanted to get rid of me by the look of her body language.

Sadly she never asked me why I was interested in LA Fitness when I already had two health club memberships. That was the big question that should have been asked but never was.

The answer to the unasked question was:
1. I lived within walking distance to LA Fitness.
2. LA Fitness has a sauna, which Planet Fitness does not.
3. LA Fitness is cleaner than Bally's (who also has a sauna).
4. LA Fitness has less crowds of people and more weight equipment on the gym floor than Bally's.
5. LA Fitness compared to Bally's has earlier opening times and later closing times throughout the week.

Unfortunately for LA Fitness its sales reps and managers are given no liberty to negotiate pricing. Hence many great potential members like me (who have influence and would bring several friends - new members - along with them) walk out the door and the sale is missed. - worldwide speaker and success coach

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