Saturday, December 5, 2009

Heisman Trophy Caliber College Athletes w Class Uphold their Teammates and Honor God.

Team spirit and being a good sport when losing shows a lot of class (or the lack thereof), quickly revealing a college athlete's character.

Upon losing the heartbreaking SEC championship, former Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow said, "Alabama is a great University and their team is a class act." congratulating them after the victory. Tebow said "Their offense, defense and special teams beat us in every aspect of the game."

When Heisman trophy contender and running back for Alabama Mark Ingram was interviewed after beating the Gators in the SEC championship he began by giving glory and thanks to God.

Many less than classy athletes talk trash before and after games forgetting their teammates. The offensive line block and do all the dirty work so quarterbacks and running backs can score. It is only right to honor and recognize them. After all it is a team effort to win ball games.

Showing class as a college athlete will serve you well long after you finish playing college sports.

In the previous year's SEC championship, Tebow and Alabama's defense had some heated exchanges. At one point a year prior as the Gators were taking the lead, Tebow when being provoked by some Alabama defensive players gave them the Gator jaws slapping his arms and hands together in emotional exuberance.

A couple of Alabama's defensive players in tonight's 2009 SEC championship obviously remembered and began mocking Tebow doing the Gator jaws slapping of their arms and hands.

Life is a lot like that. People don't easily forget. So it pays and serves you over the long run to show some class, respect others and honor the dignity of others.

Alabama in the 4th quarter at Florida's 10 yard line with over 1 minute remaining in the game, easily could have scored another touchdown (as Florida's defense was dead tired and being demolished). Yet Alabama's coach opted to run out the clock (unusual for college football when rankings are based often on scoring) and allow the Gators to save some face and not be further humiliated in the midst of a sizeable defeat already.

As a result Tebow commented on the class of Alabama's University and football team.

Truly what you sow, eventually you assuredly will reap.

Walk humbly and circumspectly, honoring God and the dignity of humanity. - worldwide speaker and life coach for success

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